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 Gomenasai for everything

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PostSubject: Gomenasai for everything   Gomenasai for everything EmptyThu Jun 04, 2009 8:08 pm

A short story inspired by the song “Happy birthday” from Tatu, the band that Kiro loves
Title:"Gomenasai for everything"
Author: me:)
Disclaimer:: I don't own Cinema Bizarre; the band nor the music. I don't believe this ever took place anywhere excepting my twisted imagination.
Summary:Kiro lets out something that is bothering him for years...and it`s for the best
Author’s Note: between *...* are the words Kiro was writing to Aylin in the birthday card
enjoy Smile

Another year had passed since the tragedy and Kiro is again standing at his desk, in his office, crying.

Everybody is in the other room partying , but he couldn`t be completely happy. Aylin isn`t with them.
Little Aylin was his baby girl, his first child. Yeah…you read right…was; but this isn`t why his not laughing with the others

He is writing again. Another birthday card, the 18th one to be more precise.

*I wonder about your skin tone and shape of your nose*

It`s hard to live like this, haunted by the fact that maybe…what would be like if she was still alive.

*And the way you would`ve laugh, talk fast or slow
I think about it every year so I picked up a pen:
Happy birthday, loved you whoever you would have been*

“Daddy, what are you doing her alone? “Eliza asked as she walked in the office and headed towards her dad.”Everybody is out there…you`ve been crying again. Daddy please tell what`s going on. I saw you last year too, on my birthday in tears. I know I`m only 14, but I can understand, please tell me.

“Come here, baby girl. You should be happy, it`s your birthday party today, the one you`ve waited for long” he said, a small smile appearing on his face.

Eliza sat down on her father knees and hugged him tightly

“Daddy, you know I can`t be happy when you`re sad. And…well, there are this moments when…”she was hesitating, not finding her words

“Go on sweetie” her dad encouraged her

“Hmmm…I don`t really know how to explain this to you, but sometimes….I feel like you are sad because you lost someone dear. Do you know this feeling ? It`s like …ugh…am I making any sense?”

Her big green eyes looked strait into his brown ones…he couldn`t hide it anymore, he had to tell her

“Baby girl, he started and tears were slowly finding their way down his cheeks , I have to tell you something. Your mom is not my first wife. I was married before, with Clara. We met at college, fell in love and got married after finishing our studies. We were happy together and after about an year she got pregnant."

Eliza`s eyes were big with curiosity and at the same time questioning.

“But…you never told us about this…”

“I know, and I`m sorry, but as you`ll see, it`s very difficult for me to talk about this part of my life. As I said, she was pregnant and the due term was something about the first day of august.”

He had to stop to control his breathing. Remembering all wasn`t easy. He hadn`t told anyone about this in years, and Eliza wasn`t just somebody, she was his daughter

Eliza was slowly stroking his back, that calmed him a little and he continued.

“When the baby was born, a little girl, Aylin, my little girl, had some problems…and she died two day later” his soft cries now turned into sobs and was slightly shaking

“Oh, daddy, I`m so sorry, Eliza sais, now tears in her eyes too, I understand now, but you didn`t have to go through this alone. What happened to Clara?

“Nothing was like before. We were both sad, and I guess…we grew apart and decided it will be better to walk on different ways. So I met your mom, got married and here we are…I have a lovely wife and an amassing daughter. I love you so much, never forget this”, he said and kissed her forehead.

“ I love you too, daddy. Do you write her a card every year, don`t you, he nodded, can I write her something too from now on?

“Of course, sweetie.”

“Daddy, can I ask you something? ”

“Anything, baby girl.”

“Can you take me to her grave tomorrow, I want to take her some flowers and tell her happy birthday"

“ Ok, we will go tomorrow”


“Promise. Now let`s go back to the party, he said, leading me to the door, but before reaching it Eliza turned around and hugged her dad

“Thank you for telling me all this, it means a lot”

He was so happy for having such an amassing kid as his girl.

The next day, as promised, Kiro took Eliza to Aylin`s grave.On the grave stone were smoothly carved the followings:

Aylin Bergen
03.08.2008 – 05.08.2008
“Love you whoever you would have been”

Eliza and Aylin were sharing the same birthday date, only that if Aylin was still alive , she would have been four years older than her sister.

This was the reason Kiro was always crying that day each year and needed some time on his own, but from now on Eliza promised herself and her dad that she will be there for him when he needed a daughter, even though she knew she could never replace Aylin, after all she loved him with all her heart.
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Gomenasai for everything
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