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 Cry of the wolf chapter 1

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Cry of the wolf chapter 1 Empty
PostSubject: Cry of the wolf chapter 1   Cry of the wolf chapter 1 EmptyMon Feb 08, 2010 10:55 am

Title: Cry of the wolf
Author: Me
Part: huh?
Paring: Shin/Strify Yu/Kiro Romeo/Luminor
Rating: NC17
Beta: I don't know what that is, I'm sorry.
Disclaimer: I don't own Cinema Bizarre, I came up with all of the material.
Summary: Shin goes for a walk only to find an unwanted visitor.
Author’s Note: This might start off a little slow, but don't worry I've got alot kink just waiting to be relaesed! P.s. I'm sorry if it sucks!

Story: After Cinema Bizarre's breakupthey disided to move somewhere more private to let it blow over. Now they live in a house in the forest miles away from other people, they havebeen there for about a week.
In the living room, Yu andRomeo are playing guitar hero, Kiro is watching them, Strify is sitting on the coutch staring out the window, and Shin is gazing at Strify.
Shin: [in head: Strify: [looks at him and smiles] Shin:[smiles back and kisses him] I love you. Strify: [kisses back]I love you to.
Shin: [smiles, sets in his lap and starts kissing his neck] Strify: Mmm! Shin! Shiiin!]
Strify:[snaping his figers in Shin's face] SHIN!
Shin: [Jumps] W-what?
Strify: Why are you staring at me?
Shin: [realizes everyones looking at him, blushes and looks down] I dont know. [notices he's hard, blushes harder and puts his hands in his lap] I'm sorry.
Strify: It's fine. [smiles]
Shin: [looks at him and smiles back]
Yu: Get a room!
K/R: [busts out laughing]
Strify: *snickers* [flips him off]
Yu: Oh that hurt Strife. [puts his hands on his heart]
Strify: Oh god Yuki I'm so sorry! [gets up and hugs him]
Yu: It's ok. [hugs back]
Strify: [pulls away laughing]
Shin: [laughing softly, gets up] I'm going for a walk.
Strify: Be careful its gunna rain soon.
Shin: Ok. [leaves]
Kiro:...Am I the only one that noticed he was hard?
St/Y/R: No.
Kiro: *giggles softly*
In the woods with Shin, he's been walking for about 20 minutes.
Shin:[walking through the woods] God your an idiot! how could you let him catch you!?
*loud clap of thunder*
Shin:*sigh* I guess I need to go ho- [Jump as he hears a loud growl behind him and spins around] *gasp*
Wolf: *Snarles* [Pounces forward and tackals him to the ground] *BARK*BARK*
Shin:AHH! [start sqirming and kicking trying to get it off]
Wolf: [Bites his side and starts roughly swinging it's head]
Shin: *screams* [kicks it in the stomuch as hard as he can]
Wolf: *yelps* [runs away]
Shin: [gets up holding his side]
It starts raining
Shin: *groans* [Runs home as fast as he can, runs in and goes straight to the bathroom]
Strify: [still in the living room] Shin? [quickly gets up and goes to the bathroom door] Are you ok?
Shin: [Shaky: Uh-huh.]
Strify: Are you sure?why were you holding yo-
Shin: [pulls off his shirt] Strife I'm fine.
Strify:...ok...[walks off]
Shin: [looks in the mirror to see the gapping wound on his side, biteshis lip] S**t. *sigh* gets undressed, turns the water to the shower on and gets in, after his shower he walks to his room with a towel wraped around his waist to see Strify asleep on his bed, smiles] Aw. [gets dressedand lays down]
Strify: [opens an eye] your side ok?
Shin: [jumps] Uh, yea why do you ask?
Strify: Well you ran in the house like something was chasing you and you were holding your side.
Shin: oh... I was timing to see how fast I could get home and I got a cramp.
Strify: ohhh, ok. ...Is it alright if I sleep in here tonight?
Shin: sure but why?
Strify: There has been this big ass wolf howeling outside my window andI can't stand it.
Shin:[in head: how ironic] ok. [gets under the covers and holds them up for him]
Strify: [smiles and gets under them] Good night.
Shin: Good night
They go to sleep, Early the next morning
Strify: [jumps awake to a loud noise and looks at Shin with wide eyes]
Shin: [Growling and snarling with his back arched high off the bed, mouth wide open exposing his fangs, griping the bed with black, sharpend nails, and has his eyes wide open showing his glowing silver eyes] RRAAHH! [falls back on the bed, completly normal and breathing hard, still asleep]
Strify: [blinks] Sh-Shin? [softly nudges him]
Shin: [opens his eyes, looks at him and smiles] hey.
Strify:...[in head: What the hell?!] uh, hey.
Shin:... whats wrong?
Shin: Oook.
Strify: [in head: maybe you just dreamt it, yea, it was just a dream, let's go with that one]
Shin:... so you ready to get up?
Strify: [looks at him and smiles softly] yea.
Shin: [smiles and gets up]
Strify: [gets up and leads the way to the kitchen where Romeo is cooking]
Romeo: hey guys.
Sh/St: hey. [sets at the bar]
Shin: [inhales] *growels softly low in his throat* That smells good.
Shin: Welcome.
Krio: [comes in rubbing his eyes] Hey guys.
St/Sh/R: Hey.
Kiro: [sits by Shin and Strify and lays his head on the counter]
Strify: [notices the blackish-blue hickie on the back of his neck, smirks] So what did you do last night?
Strify: Then why is there a hickey on the back of your neck?
Strify: Ewww.
Romeo: *snickering* Someone go get Yu the foods done.
Kiro: I'll get him up. [gets up and goes to walk out]
Strify: Yea I bet you will.
Kiro: [flips him off and goes to Yu's room] Yuki. [stradles him]
Yu: [looks at him and smiles] Well good morning. [wrapes his legs around Kiro's waist and pulls him down on to him]
Kiro: [smiles and kisses him] Mmm, you are having a good morning.
Yu: [kisses back, smirks and starts grinding on him]
Kiro: *moans softly* We have to get up Romeo made brekfast.
Yu: Aw can't we just stay here? [starts grinding against him]
Kiro: Mnn, I'm sure they won't miss us. [puts a hand behind his head, pulls him down and starts freanch kissing him]
Yu: [simels, starts kissing back, flips so he's on top and starts roughly dry humping him]
Kiro:*moans softly* [goes up]
Yu: (pulls off his shirt and starts kissing his chest)
Kiro: (wrapes his legs around his waist, pulls off his shirt and starts bitting his neck)
Flash to the kitchen, everyone is sitting at the table eating. P.s. I'll get dirtyer with the sex do t worry.
Romeo: Yall think it's ever taken anyone that long to wake someone up?
Strify: Haha, no.
Shin: [quickly gets up, trots to the front door and opens it]
Luminor: [standing at the door with his arm raised making a fist about to knock] Damn, good timming
Shin: [smiles] Thanks. [pulls him in, closes the door, takes him to the kitchen and sits him at the table] Lumi's here! [sits back where he was]
R/St: [smirks] Hi Lumi!
Luminor: [smiles] Hey. (looks at Shin) how did you know I was coming?
Shin: I could hear you coming up the stairs.
Luminor:... I'm not that fat am I?
Shin:*gasp* your not fat at all! I'm not that sure how I heard you but it's not cause your fat!
Luminor: (smiles) ok good.
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Cry of the wolf chapter 1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cry of the wolf chapter 1   Cry of the wolf chapter 1 EmptyWed Feb 10, 2010 9:39 am

Call of the wolf chapter 2

Luminor: ok good.
Romeo: (gets up, fixes him a plate and sets it in front of him
Luminor: (smiles) thanks. (starts eating)
Romeo:  your welcome. (sits back down)
Luminor:... Where's Kiro and Yu?
Strify: *snickers* prolly fucking in Yu's room.
Shin: maybe you should go check on them.
Luminor: maybe I should. (gets up and walks to Yu's room and quietly opens the door and does a hand motion for the others to come look)
Yu: (has kiro pinned on his back with three fingers inside of him and is stroking his dick, curls his fingers hitting Kiro's prostate)
Kiro: (arches his back) *moans loudly*
Yu: (smirks as he feels him tighten around his fingers) Whats wrong babe?
Kiro: I'm gunna, I'm gunna- *gasp* (comes) Mnn.
Yu: *moans softly as his hot come hits his chest*
Kiro: (smirks) let me get that for you. (gets on his knees, shoves yu on his back, stradles him and like the come off his chest while roughly grinding on him)
Yu: *moans* 
Kiro: (kisses down his stomuch to his now throbing cock, breathes on it) what do you want baby?
Yu: (breaths: suck me)
Kiro: (softly kisses the tip leaving his lips against it) Hmmm?
Yu: *whimpers softly* (bucks his hips pushing the tip into Kiro's mouth) please suck it!
Kiro: (smiles, pushes the whole thing in his mouth and deep throats him)
Yu: Ahh! (bucks his hips hard)
Kiro: (having no gag reflex, swallows and hums)
Yu: O-oh Kiro! (reaches forward tangling his fingers in Kiro's hair)
Kiro: (smirks, bobs his head and hums harder)
Yu: *screams arching his back* KIRO! (comes) ahh.
Kiro: (pulls off, spits it on his stomuch, licks it back up and stradles him) 
Luminor: ...That was hot.
Y/K: (jumps and quickly looks at the doorway to find everyone staring at them)
Kiro: (blushes hard and quickly pulls the covers over them)
Yu: what the hell?! How long have you been standing there?!
Strify: just before- (puts on a shaky, high-pitched voice) I'm gunna *gasp* I'm gunna *gasp* ohhhhhh! (smirks at him)
Y/K: (blushes hard and looks away)
Romeo: aww, don't be embarrassed!
Luminor: yea, the only way that could get hotter is if there were handcuffs involved.
Yu: (bites his lip) please get out.
Shin: let's take a vote, all in favor of us leaveing?
Y/K: (raises there hand)
Shin: all in favor going to the living room and playing truth or dare? (raises hand)
L/R/St: (raises hand) me!
Kiro: *sigh* fine. (gets up, throws Yu his clothes and gets dressed)
Yu: (gets up and gets dressed)
They go to the living room



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Number of posts : 3
Age : 23
Location : Ala-freakin-bama baby!
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Cry of the wolf chapter 1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cry of the wolf chapter 1   Cry of the wolf chapter 1 EmptyFri Feb 12, 2010 9:38 am

Cry of the wolf chapter 3

They go to the living room, everyone is sitting on the floor.
Shin: considering truth is no fun, let's just play dare.
Everyone: ok.
Shin: Romeo.
Shin: (smirks) blow Luminor.
Romeo: ... Why?
Shin: cuz I said so, now do it.
Romeo: yes sir. (crawls over to Luminor and unzips his pants) Strify, jack shin off untill I say stop (pulls luminor's dick out and starts sucking it)
Luminor: (bites his lip) Mmm.
Strify: (smiles, craws over to shin, pulls his pants and underwear down to his knees, pushes him on his back and reaches under the couch)
Shin: what are y-(eyes widen softly)
Strify: (pulls out a bottle of lube)
Kiro: *snickers* late-night masturbating strify?
Strify: it's not mine, I found it a couple days ago, and it apperes to have been used since then...
Yu: who's is it?
K/St: not mine.
Luminor: I d-ohh!-don't live here.
Romeo: (pulls off and breathes on luminor's dick) ain't mine. (pushes the whole thing in his mouth)
Luminor: *moans*
Y/K/St: (looks at shin)
Shin: (blushes hard) 
Y/K: (chokes back a laugh)
Romeo: *snickers softly*
Luminor: *gasp* (tilts his head back) *moans loudly*
Strify: (smiles, pours some on his hand, wraps it around shin's dick and starts sliding his hand up and down it)
Shin: oh-! (quickly bites his lip)
Strify: (softly tightens his grip and smirks as he gets a chocked moan from shin) Yu, dry hump kiro untill one of you comes.
Yu: (smiles, pushes kiro on his back, stradles him and starts roughly dry humping him)
Kiro: (wraps his legs around Yu's waist) 
Romeo: (deep throats luminor) 
Luminor: oh F**k Romeo! *gasp* (comes)
Romeo: (pulls off and swallows) 
Luminor:... (grabs the back of his head, pulls him up and starts roughly freanch kissing him)
Romeo: (eyes widen but starts kissing back)
Luminor: (pushes him on his back and stradles him)
Strify: (pumps faster and starts softly kissing shins neck)
Shin: (softly breathing heavy chocking back moans and gasps) Mnn!
Yu: (undoing kiro's pants) s-shin, don't hold back mooaans. (goes harder) 
Kiro: Mmm yuki harder! (bucks his hips)
Yu: (pulls off kiro's pants and goes harder)
Strify: you heard him, don't hold back. (using his other hand starts stroking his balls)
Shin: (arches his back) *moans loudly* (blushes softly)
Strify: (whispers: atta boy) (slowly slides a a finger in him)
Shin: *gasps hard* ohh!
Strify: (adds another one and starts softly twisting them) 
Shin: *screams softly* oh god!
Romeo: (inbetween kisses) alright stop.
Strify: oh your evil. (pulls his fingers out and stops rubbing him)
Shin: *mewles* niiien!
Kiro: (roughly pulls off yu's pants, flips so he's on top and goes harder)
Yu: *moans* (pulls off they're underwear)
Luminor: (pulls off Romeo's shirt and starts licking circles around his nipples) 
Romeo: lumi! (pops his chest up)
Luminor: (smirks and nips it)
Romeo: *gasp*
Strify: (starts licking shin's neck) 
Shin: (bites his lip, slowly moves his hand to his dick and starts stroking it) Mmm!
Strify: (notices, smiles softly and whispers: you need some releaf don't you sweetheart?)
Shin: (nods, lowly: uh-huh.)
Strify: (whispers: you wanna take this to your room?)
Shin: (quickly gets up, takes strify's hand and takes him to his room kicking off his pants on the way)   
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Cry of the wolf chapter 1 Empty
PostSubject: re   Cry of the wolf chapter 1 EmptyWed Apr 18, 2012 1:18 pm

If you love the tension of two whores struggling for control over the other, getting covered in sweat and flexing their taut little muscles, female sex wrestling is your kink.
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Cry of the wolf chapter 1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cry of the wolf chapter 1   Cry of the wolf chapter 1 Empty

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Cry of the wolf chapter 1
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