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 5 Broadgate In Depth

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PostSubject: 5 Broadgate In Depth   Mon Dec 27, 2010 12:41 am

5 Broadgate In Depth

Acres of press has been printed and published about Make Architecture's 5 Broadgate, the newly planned headquarters for UBS, but what about the development itself and the specifics behind it?

In massing the building, a single block has been taken with a series of indentations added to make the floorplates more functional whilst still retaining as much regularity to their layout as possible.

This has allowed the architects to come up with something that has three standard floors, one for trading and support that is almost completely a regular rectangle, one for conferences and meetings with has voices and indentations cut into it for terraces and atrias, and another one for offices without terraces but with spaces to create internal courtyards.

Having been designed for UBS, the developer is aiming at their largest single tenant with one building giving them an "all in one" headquarters. The scheme starts with the ground floor that will contain the entrances, an auditorium and various spaces for employees to mill around, plus the added attraction of them being able to publicly exhibit much of their corporate art collection.

Above that will be an amenity floor offering a gym and company restaurant and then from levels two to five will be the trading floors of approximately 6,000 square metres each. These are large enough to 750 traders on each separate level. Filling level six will be the trading support floor, and then meeting rooms and offices with large outside terraces on eight and nine. From above here to level twelve will be more office floors, with the building topped with the plant level. This will correspond roughly in height to the likes of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill's nearby Exchange House.

The fašade of the building is designed to be dominated by gun-metal, chosen because it is neutral in nature like much of the surrounding Broadgate Centre, whilst the strong appearance with its recessed windows is supposed to communicate a feeling of "substance and solidarity".

In coming up with a single monolithic building, the project fills the site of both 4 and 6 Broadgate and cuts off the through path that there is going between them to Sun Street. To compensate for this the scheme promises a new public area dubbed Sun Street Square on the north-west corner of the site although the design means that this will suffer from a greater level of overshadowing than before.

Regardless of how successfully the building interacts at ground level it is likely to sail through the planning system. The City of London will be eager to keep UBS where they are, rather than run the risk of losing them to Canary Wharf, so it is with this in mind that construction of the substructure could start as early as January 2012 with the shell and core finished in mid-2014.

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5 Broadgate In Depth
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