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  Cross Fire - PC

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PostSubject: Cross Fire - PC     Cross Fire - PC  EmptyWed Dec 29, 2010 8:07 pm

[SIZE="4"]Cross Fire - P.C[/SIZE]

 Cross Fire - PC  Wjtm45


Okay, so this game is a free-to-play FPS. It does a bad job at everything an FPS is meant to do. Realism – You can shoot someone in the head and not damage them, but wait! Spray a whole round which shouldn't hit them and you get a kill! Respawn – You get a SHIELD! I repeat, shield when you respawn for three seconds, so it is an unfair advantage if you closed in on their base. Guns – There are so many guns in the game that it is pointless buying one, because there will be a patch in a couple of days with better guns. Basically, it is a GARBAGE attempt at an FPS.


For a game that is F2P, they didn't do a bad job with the graphics. The graphics aren't amazing like Crysis, but they are very good on the eyes. There are differences between the maps, as you can see - Like, they are usually set in an enviroment - not just a mish-mash of lots of things - so it is good that they aren't too big. For example, a cargo hold.

[SIZE="2"]Kill Types:[/SIZE]

For getting a lot of kills, or a certain type of kill, you get a badge, for an headshot you get a skeleton. Or, getting a lot of kills in succession, a multi-kill. There are badges for playing exceedingly well - Like, you get Ace, or last kill which is fairly obvious as to how you get it. For getting these match badges, you get an EXP bonus. Although the bonuses aren't significant, it is nice to know that you played well.


You might be thinking, why does he keep bringing the shooting up? Well, because it is really bad. You could have a perfectly on target shot aiming for their head, but would take a lot more to kill them. You need about two shots to the head with the first sniper, although a shot to the head with a slingshot could do more damage than it portrays in this game! I really liked the beginning gun more than any other, as the others are just all too similar.


There is some realism in this game, however. When you switch to a knife or a pistol, your movement speed becomes quicker, but not too fast. So, that is a good feature in the game, although not a big one, it really adds some realism to the game.


Basically, there are more guns than pixels in this game. There is an Ak-47, Ak-47 – CUSTOMIZED! Pretty much it is like every gun has a counter-part. So, there are guns with added clips, guns with added scopes - they just couldn't leave them alone, could they? I shall also mention that this games shooting dynamics are far-fetched. It is about as far-fetched as Dragon Ball Z's carved-up fights. As soon as he is about to lose, he pulls something out of the bag. Basically, having well placed shots will not kill them. Standing there spraying an entire round into them will, however. The guns are pointless. You get about 10GP a round – why? You have to repair your guns, but if you use your second gun, you have less to repair, but it always measures out so you get about 10GP a game. You are getting the impression I hate this game, right? You are correct.

 Cross Fire - PC  1q06rp


I used to think the maps were good. Note, I said USED. Recently, they have had so many patches with new maps, it is astronomical. There is a round with specials maps named Ghost Mode, which is rubbish. Your a ghost, and are invisible, only when standing COMPLETELY still! The opposing team, has to shoot something invisible whilst trying to disarm a bomb. The odds aren't very well on that particular game mode. There is a map called Crossroads where you can pick up any gun you want. Yet you still have to repair a gun you never used! It is truly the worst game known to man.

[SIZE="2"]Black Market:[/SIZE]

This is a new feature to the game, where you buy guns for a certain amount of time, but in the crate, is a load of guns for cheaper. I seriously don't understand why you would do it. Spend a lot of money on a gun that will last forever, or buy about ten guns for cheaper that last seven days... Hmm... I know what I would do. There isn't really much to explain about this particular feature of the game, except that it is not very well thought out.


Hmm... Hard to find one – Low amount of hackers


Bad maps
Seriously bad shooting
Annoying guns

 Cross Fire - PC  S35462_pc_12


I highly recommend you don't play this game if your thoughts on FPS are good, as it will make you spew, and waste your time. It can be good however if you like a free game, that has hardly any hackers, which is rare for F2P games, like War Rock which got ruined by hackers. So, all in all, a well deserved...

GamerScore - 4/10

[SIZE="4"]Written by[/SIZE] - Jedclark

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Cross Fire - PC
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