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 Story of Tiitsi village

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Story of Tiitsi village Empty
PostSubject: Story of Tiitsi village   Story of Tiitsi village EmptySat Feb 19, 2011 11:17 pm

Title: Story of Tiitsi village
Author: Martin Lelle
Part: Identified
Paring: N/A
Rating: PG
Beta: Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven
Disclaimer: This is purely fictional story. Tiitsi, Raikvere and Kauripere is a locations from my dream and dosen't associate with any real places.
Summary: Reunion of Cinema Bizarre.
Authorís Note: I have been working on Strify's idea of making an anime-film with the Cinema Bizarre members for a while and here is the demo of it.

Part: 1:
01.07.2011 Tiitsi, Raikvere region, Estonia EU
Fog covers the land, as Andreas walks alone on the empty street. He looks at the map he found in the airport and note he writed in his home. There should be a railroad somewhere in a village. He starts to walk again, old street lights on concrete poles light up with flickering and sky turns from grey to black. Suddenly silence is breaked with his cell phone ringtone.
"Hey, Andreas, where are you, I'm at the airport."
"I'm already in your village, I think. By the main road."
"I was late a bit, got some trouble at the work."
"Yeah you was."
"Wait there, I pick you up."
It took him five minutes to come, where he walked for hours. Martin's car is kinda old one, dusty. Andreas puts his bag at the backseat and sits in front. The engine noise is audible, that was expected from the vehicle that old. Radio plays trance music, it is kinda like a white crow in here, shiny and new.
"So you made it."
"It was smooth ride."
"Your apartment is basically ready to move in. Electricity, water, central heating, internet, landline telephone, cellphone 3G, 4G. It is number 12, just across mine."
"So you can keep watch on it right, like we discussed."
"You're right. I have nessesary papers in my room ready, only need to sign it and it is yours."
"Ok. Thanks. Did you checked your studio too."
"It seems to work, but audio amplifiers tubes are "waking up" still."
He turns right, then left on the second street, old apartment buildings stand empty by the street, old street lights lighting it with a dim greenish-white light. Train station Tiitsi on a left, park on a right side, he turns left and crosses railroad crossing right around the corner of it and then he turns in front of the second building. Apartment building is with 4 floors and basement, grey soviet era construction looks strong and robust.
"Oh this is your apartment building. It looked older on picture."
"I fixed a lot of things here, the photo was old."
Andreas takes his bag and Martin opens the door to let him in. Staircase echoes from the bang of the closing door and rusty spring humms. 20 watt fluorescence lights are on, the walk up the stairs and he looks at the electric panle in a wall. Electric meters. It was a long time since he haw seen those.
"Do I need to pay for electricity too?"
"Of course not. Estonia is linked with European Free Electricity Company Transmission (E.F.E.C.T.) grid too, those counters are just for show."
"Long time to see those lately. Do I have one too."
Martin unlocks his apartment door and they go inside. Apartment is warm, two fluorescence light bulbs flicker on with a buzz. He gives him a document with copy papers. Andreas reads it and signs the signature. After that Martin gives him a yellow paper of the document and keys.
"This is your apartment key with a ring, this is your basement access key and this is the basement key. Spare keys are in my apartment inside the safe with other documents. If you want anything, then ask."
"Ok. Thanks."
Andreas unlocks his new apartment door and looks around. It is warm, radiators are too hot to touch. He looks at the wide screen 32'' LCD TV, dvd-player and music center. Then he takes his laptop out and writes on MSN through wireless internet to Hannes, who answered it momentarly.
"It is awsome, you got to see this."
He shows his place to him through the camera.
"There is some stuff already in?"
"Yeah, and it is warm. Those radiators are so hot, that i can't even touch it. So how is your reuniting going?"
"Marcel and Carsten are ready, Romeo is thinking about it."
"That is great news. So where we start?"
Lights flicker dim and on, he looks at it.
"What happened?"
"Power surge."
"Your whole picture turned white suddenly."
"Oh. Some error I think. So what do you think, were we can start."
"I think at your place would be fine."
"Ok. I have some couches, that can turned into beds."
"I can bring my sleeping bag and I think Marcel has one too."
"Ok, let's meet here."
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Mini Fan
Mini Fan

Number of posts : 73
Age : 31
Location : Somewhere in EU
Registration date : 2008-05-10

Story of Tiitsi village Empty
PostSubject: Re: Story of Tiitsi village   Story of Tiitsi village EmptySun Feb 20, 2011 12:29 am

Looks like I'm suddenly in more than 1 forums the most active one, even on their homepage, Suspect , I wonder what happened to rest of the fans...

Part: 2:
Marcel wakes up Carsten.
"What are you doing here, Marcel?"
"We are late for a plane, hurry."
"Oh s**t."
Carsten looks at the time and jumps out of the bed. Power is been out at night, it shows blinking 12:00. He changes his clothes and pack things into backpacks and run down the stairs. Taxi is already waiting them, he put their stuff to the luggage, sit into the car and ride to airport. They made just in time, when the airplane started to move a minute later. Hannes is already on and he waves to them.
"At last you made it, I was starting to worry, that you wont make it."
"It was a close call. Luckily my friend taxi driver was in front of the airport."
Marcel sits in first and Carsten sits after putting his backpack into the drawer. After two hours the plane lands in Estonia. Martin and Andreas sit near the gate and look the plane taxing to it. Some people come out of the door, Carsten, Marcel and Hannes after.
"Hey howdy, guys, nice to see you again."
"Howdy, Strify. Hey."
Martin waves back to them and takes the heavy bag from Hannes.
"I loved this country, when we first were here, so what is new here?"
"Tallinn is gone."
"What? What happened."
"Flood took it. I saw it with my own eyes."
They put their things to the lugagge of a vehicle looking like an old russian version of Hummer. He starts the engine three times, before it turns on.
"Can't help it."
He drives fast through the city, turns on the Viljandi road and exits the city. Engine noise is loudest they heared inside, interior is even worser, cheap black plastic and synthetic fabric.
"Were are here, Carsten. Wake up."
"Huh? Oh, I fell asleep."
Grey soviet era apartment building, there's nothing spectacular about it. Parking lot looks clean, asphalt is almost as new. Martin goes upstairs.
"So let's rest today, tomorrow is going to be busy day."
" 'kay, let's see your apartment first."
Staircase is dusty, ugly brown coloured walls, rusty handlebars. At least rooms are warm. They sit in a living and Andreas took some snacks from a kitchen.
"So where are we gonna record?"
"Ah he got that recording studio in the basement, nothing flashy, but it works for now."
"I was thinking more like what company?"
"ResR Technology Company Unlimited. I think we are the first working with him."
"Long name. Is that his company? Unlimited?"
"Maybe. But I am for sure it was unlimited. This was first thing I remebered about it."
Next day:
Fluorescent light bulbs flicker on with a buzz, the room is small, halfed by a wall with a window and door. He pulls the sheets off the table and 32 channel Soundcraft Ghost mixing console is uncovered, there is also an external Sony HD CD-Recorder and a computer set, that have seen better days.
"So what do you think about it?"
"That is a studio alright. Nice. So where you get all this stuff?"
"Dangerous waste collection site, Hannes," He laughs creepy, "It was in working order like I found it. CD-Recorder and a computer is my oldest fixes from days i went to school."
"Ok, guys let's get the show started!"
"That is so old saying, Andreas. We need new lines too."
"Oh well. You're right, Carsten."
He sits behind the table and turns everything on. Computer is with Windows 95, it is the slowest they have seen.
"Hey, when we get worldwide again, I buy you a new computer."
He looks at Andreas.
"Ok. Thanks."
Hannes start to set his guitar, he gives a signal to start recording, Martin starts it and he plays some time.
Two weeks later one song is ready to be released. Martin goes with it to the factory. Whole production is automatic, he enters the data and sets the cover settings to the computer and hits enter. Machines wakes up and system starts making CD-s. It took only half a day to start production, fastes progress they ever seen. The very same day evening Martin gives Andreas one of the CD with a box.
"Hey guys, it is already here."
"Let me see it."
"What is this?"
"It is our single CD."
"That looks just like you drawed it, Hannes."
"Let me see it," He looks at it, "What do you know, it is like I drawed."
"So picture is good, let's listen it."
Andreas puts the CD into the music center cd-player and the music is clean, free of skips and distortion.
"He alone did this? I so need to see that ResR place."
"Ok. I ask a tour from him."
It is strangely queit in a factory, when they enter it next day.
"So, Martin, why the production isn't going?"
"I overdid the first order from the reseller and i have 400 000 albums for spare in a storage. Don't worry, two more resellers want to be part in it, they are sending order tomorrow, then I know how much do I need to make."
"What is that thing?"
"Custom made CD-printer. And that is packing machine, that automatically insert a CD into box, puts the cover on and checks that there is everything."
"This is so sci-fi. Fully automatic."
"Yeah. Thanks for letting in here."

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Story of Tiitsi village
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