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PostSubject: Blackout   Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:32 pm

Title: Blackout
Author: Martin Lelle
Part: 1
Paring: N/A
Rating: PG+
Beta: Like a Star @ heaven
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the copyrighted names.
Summary: Blackout.
Authorís Note: This is a short story i wrote during an actual blackout.

Hannes sits in a recording room and plays his guitar. Martin watches the screen and listens to the sound, as he practice it. Sudenly lights turn off, flicker back on, go dim and turn off again. Emergency modules kick in and one bulb in recording room and in studio turn on.
"What happened?"
"Power is gone."
"Can you turn it back on please."
"I go check, but I think it is high voltage side error."
Martin walks out into dark basement hallway. Lights flicker on, but don't make it to full ignition and go off again. He unlocks the first staircase door and electrical room door, the room is lighted by one 20 watt bulb with same module as everywhere else. Circuit breakers are on, he turns them off and on again. Nothing. He then goes back to studio.
"I go to check in the substation, I be right back."
"OK. See ya."
He goes to the second staircase and up to 2. floor. His apartment has two emergency modules keeping the light, one in hall and one in his computer room. UPS keeps the telephone center online, lights flicker. He takes a flashlight and goes outside. Wind is strong as hell, water vapour fly with wind from small ponds on the road. He looks at the 10kV power line wires and opens the low voltage switch room door of the substation. All switches are on. Transformer is quiet, only wind howls through substation. He locks the door and goes to unlock the high voltage switch room. Transformer kick in with a metal bang of inrush current and silence again. He walks up the stairs and looks for a switch 34. He turns it off and on. Then he turns off and on Trafo switch. Still nothing. He locks the door again and takes a walk back to apartment building. Wind goes stronger in time as he walks the way.
When Martin came back to studio, he was wet from head to toe.
"That's a rap today, so I go upstairs."
"Ok. I come too. I think this place is haunted."
"There is a storm outside."
"Yeah, that's right. So is these blackouts common here?"
"It can happen a lot, most of the electrical system is from soviet era."
"Oh, that's so."
Lights start to fade so he takes his own made 9 volt battery lamps and batteries and gives one light to Hannes. He goes to living room, puts the light on a table, lays on a couch and watches it. Martin switches the switch in hallway, in his bedroom takes a mp3-player, starts listening it and sits on the ground.
The End.
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